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Environmental Field Courses

Environmental Field Courses

Check out our fantastic, short-term study abroad summer courses!

The Bermuda Environment (ENV/BIO 221)

  • Based at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) you’ll examine the complex ecology of the Bermuda Islands and coral reef ecosystems, the impact that humans have had on their natural history, and current environmental concerns and proposed solutions. You’ll participate in snorkeling trips to coral reef formations, visit cave ecosystems, and immerse yourself in Bermuda’s history. The Bermuda Environment (ENV/BIO 221) summer course is four credits and cross listed in both the Environmental Science and Studies and Biology Departments.

ENV/BIO Bermuda 2019

Environmental Studies in Ecuador (ENV 222)

  • Beginning in Quito, you’ll immerse yourself in Ecuadorian cultures and examine environmental challenges affecting the country. You’ll visit indigenous people in the Andes highlands and explore cloud forests and volcanoes. In the Amazon Rainforest, you’ll travel by boat and on foot to discover this fascinating ecosystem. Off-shore in the Galápagos Islands, you’ll study the remarkable diversity and uniqueness of species that compelled Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  All while earning four credits!

Environmental Science and Studies trip to Ecuador 2018


Take a look at this beautiful footage shot by Brennan Pierce ’17 while snorkeling in the Galapagos during the 2016 Ecuador Environmental Field Course!