Jenn Carey Svehla '03

    Major: Environmental Studies

    An Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Jenn Svehla provides business management and communications support to Department of Defense clients. She has been involved with the College’s Alumni Board since 2010 when she served as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee and helped launch the College’s alumni social media campaign. After three years, she took a hiatus from the board to start a family and returned after the birth of her second daughter. Jenn now serves as Chair-Elect and will become Chair in 2022. She lives in Bel Air, MD with her husband and two daughters, Lucy and Julia.

    Favorite Class

    My favorite class was Media and Politics with Professor Melissa Deckman. The class was divided to represent different political thoughts, regardless of your personal beliefs. Each class we would discuss, and often debate, what we were seeing in the news based on our assigned views. I loved this class because it taught me not only about media bias but diversity of thought. I learned the importance of listening and respecting the opinions or others, even when they don’t align with your own. I learned how information, media or otherwise, can be interpreted in different ways. I also learned that it’s often what is not said that is more important than what is said. Professionally and personally, I carry these lessons with me every day.

    Fondest WC Memory

    May Day.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    When I came to Washington College, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The liberal arts education gave me the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of studies and ultimately forge my own path. The small classes all helped expand my critical thinking skills by encouraging exploration, whether it was of a particular topic or class, and asking questions. It was not just my specific degree that led me to where I am today, but the culmination of all the classes I took and the relationships I had with the faculty and staff.


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