SGA Leadership Summit

 Leadership Summit History

One of the 2017-2018 WC SGA Platform points included that the SGA wanted to reach out to local high schools and see how we can help from an collegiate SGA organization standpoint. With that being said, the Secretary of Service and Community Relations started planning during the summer the first ever Leadership Summit for local High School student government organizations to come on campus.

On November 9th, three high schools from both Queen Anne’s County and Kent County joined in Hyson Lounge for a night of successful leadership planning. We began the evening with a “What is Leadership?” talk hosted by SGA President Vitoria Cline and Vice President of Student Affairs Sarah Feyerherm where there was a fire-side chat with the students where they had to the chance to ask any questions they may have. The session was then proceeded by an Admissions Session where Director of Events and Volunteers for the Admissions Department, Madeline Martin, came and gave insight on the college application process. Some high school students came and noted that they “appreciated the session” and that the session “gave the insight of the process of college admissions they have been wanting.” Dinner was provided for all students, break out session leaders, and guests. After dinner, we began our break out sessions.

Students from the various high schools were split between four groups of members from each high school in each one. The group names sported our Washington College pride; The George’s, Martha’s, Shoremen, and Geese. These various groups attended four breakout sessions during the two-hour time frame. Our break out session include The Student Population and Growing Inclusion, Service Oriented Atmosphere, Game Day Success, and A Structured SGA. All breakout sessions were hosted by our SGA Executive Board members, Secretaries of Diversity, Service and Community Relations, and Social Life and the Parliamentarian. 

1st Annual SGA Leadership Summit Recap

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the SGA Leadership Summit such a success! This is a new program organized by our Secretary of Service and Community Relations, Brandon Gross, that encourages the development of leadership skills in the officers’ of SGAs from local high schools. The event included discussions about the promotion of service events, parliamentary procedure, inclusion, and preparation for college with speakers from our SGA Executive Board & Dean Feyerherm.