Key Indicators

The Alert Level Team will meet daily to review campus conditions and make a determination around what the Alert Level should be. Any changes to the Alert Level will be communicated via WAC Alert, email notification and social media.

This team is reviewing a number metrics/Key Indicators, both at the campus level and from within Kent County. These metrics - most of which are included in the weekly dashboard reporting - include (but are not limited to):

  • Overall positivity rate from within the WC campus population
  • Number of positive cases from the week prior
  • COVID outbreaks (defined as 5 or more linked cases for a Cohort Outbreak and 3 or more Cohort Outbreaks or 10% or more of all COVID-19 tests administered on campus in a 14-day period being positive.)
  • Turnaround time for COVID test results
  • Capacity within Isolation and Quarantine housing
  • Infection rates and overall cases from within Kent County and in Maryland
  • Other factors such as local hospital capacity, availability of PPE and test kits, etc.

The Alert Level will dictate how the campus operates. Those details are outlined in the Campus Facility/Operations Chart.