Analiese Bush

  • Intern, Food Initiative

Analiese Bush

Analiese’s penchant for cooking and baking started at a young age and has only grown and intensified over time.

Today her interest in food spans the entire life cycle of every plant and animal consumed and how different people prepare and enjoy them. With a love for the delicate nature of French cooking and rustic hardiness of fermentation, Analiese hopes to hone her skills in and around the kitchen while simultaneously expanding the breadth of her experience and repertoire.

Through gardening, cooking and consuming joins her work with the Office of Sustainability as a Compost Technician with her research efforts at ESFL with the goal of transforming the way that we look at what we eat. Bringing awareness and mindfulness to the Chestertown community and the college campus about what we eat and how we have come to eat it, Analiese shares her love of the unifying power of food.