Learn by Doing

Learn By Doing

At WC we get that learning shouldn't only happen in a classroom. That's why we offer internships, research fellowships, and countless other opportunities for hands-on learning outside of class.

Gain real world experience your very first year. 

Your hands on experience begins with your very first day of Orientation Explore! and continues through the completion of your Senior Capstone Experience.  

Every step in between is shaped by you, dive into one of our three signature centers, take an internship researching along side your favorite professor, travel around the world! No matter what you decide, your Washington College family is here to help set you up for success inside and outside the classroom. 

See what our current students are up to!

evan mccarthy

Make New Discoveries

“I’m currently researching on zero packet loss transfer between two virtual Network Interface Cards (NIC) using one consumer grade physical NIC. It’s such a fantastic opportunity to be doing original research as a second-year undergrad and I’m grateful for the Cater Society of Junior Fellows helping me.”





Make Connections

“I started working at Edward’s Pharmacy over the summer after I called and asked if I could job shadow, and they offered me a position! I’m getting experience in the compounding lab and they are helping me get my pharmacy technician certification. In the lab we compound lotions, creams, tablets and capsules that are specific to a customer’s needs rather than over-the-counter prescriptions.”



Make a Difference

“I worked with kids with various disabilities who needed a campsite that had more staff to help accommodate varying needs. The camp is for lower income families, so I saw kids from all different backgrounds. I was speaking Spanish every day communicating with parents and kids. It was a really rewarding experience being able to see how much of a difference you can make in kids lives just by being a good person and role model."