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The information below may help you locate items you need on SharePoint and Self Service, and answer questions you may have throughout the semester. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Self Service & SharePoint?

    Self Service

    Self Service is a tool delivered by the company that owns Colleague (our system of record: it houses all of the information about our students, faculty, staff, HR, billing, etc). This is a relatively new tool, and is delivered as is to all schools that use it.  This means that it is very difficult to customize… however, every three months they release updates to Self Service to improve it’s functionality. 

    When should I use Self Service?

    Self Service is the site you should visit if you are looking for in depth details about your advisee’s academic record. You can view their degree audit, previous grades, and course schedules. You can view greater detail about courses as well, such as prerequisites and course descriptions. Self Service is also where you will enter final grades.  

    Your tax information and any WC budgets you may be responsible for can also be found on Self Service.


    SharePoint is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite (which we use for Outlook email).  We are able to publish reports to SharePoint directly from Colleague. This is where we can include important details about students that may not appear on Self Service yet (Academic Standing, nicknames, and anticipated graduation date for example). 

    We have tried to pull as much information from the lists you saw on Admin into the reports that are published on SharePoint.  

    When should I use SharePoint?

    SharePoint is the best place to find lists.  Lists of all active students, each department’s majors, and minors, and course rosters are all published on SharePoint.  While your rosters are also on Self Service, SharePoint displays more information.  (See above for “where can I find my rosters?” for more info!)

  • Where can I view my roster?

    You can view your roster on Self Service or on the Faculty Admin SharePoint site. 

    Self Service

    To view your roster on Self Service, click on the Faculty tab from the main menu.  Then, click on the course for the roster you would like to view.  Unfortunately, if you are teaching a course that is crosslisted, the sections are not combined.  You will need to click on each course from the menu to view a complete rosters.  You may also notice that there isn’t a lot of information on Self Service.  You can only view certain information about the student’s in your class:  ID number, class, and email. 


    The rosters on SharePoint contain more information, including: advisor name, major and minor, academic standing, nicknames, and emails. To view your roster on SharePoint, click on your department’s folder.  Next, click on the Rosters tab.  From here, you can either open the spreadsheet online to view ALL course rosters within the department, or click on the three dots next to the spreadsheet and download the rosters (you’ll see the dots if you hover over the title, on the right) .  If you are interested in viewing only your course section, downloading will allow you to manipulate the document and filter as needed.  If you open the document online you will not be able to edit or filter the document. 

    Directions on adding a Filter to the spreadsheet:

    Once opened, you can opt to filter to just your sections.  To filter, highlight Row 4 of the document (the blue heading), click “Sort & Filter” from the top right of your screen, and then click “Filter.” 

    Filter button

    Once you have added the filter bar, you can filter to your name or a specific section.  Click on the the filter button within the heading, click (Select All) to remove the selections, and then click on what you would actually like to see. 

    Filter by instructor

    When are the rosters updated?

    Rosters on Self Service are in real time.  If a student adds your class, they will appear immediately.  Rosters on SharePoint are updated once a day, early in the morning (roughly 5 am). 

  • Where can I view the course schedule?

    A master PDF of the course schedule is on the Registrar’s website, on the Course Schedule page.  The schedule is also broken down by prefix for easier viewing.  Enrollment information is included on the PDF, however it is only updated once each day, in the morning.

    You can view more information about specific courses on Self Service by going to the Course Catalog link.  The Course Catalog link can be found from any menu option on Self Service.  You could be in the Faculty, Advising, or Employee module and still access the Course Catalog link.  Click on the name of the module you are currently in and you will see a small menu appear.  Course Catalog will be one of the options.  Enrollment information is updated in real time on Self Service. 

  • Where can I view the waitlist for my course?

    You can view your waitlists on the Faculty Admin SharePoint site. 

    The waitlists are located on the Course Rosters spreadsheet.  They are the third tab on the spreadsheet.  You can follow the filter instructions above to view only your courses.  You will be able to view the date and time that a student added themselves to a waitlist. 

    What does waitlist rating mean?  Several years ago, when waitlists were implemented, departments decided how they would like students rated on their department’s waitlists.  The majority of departments decided that majors should have priority, followed by class standing.  For example, an senior English major may be higher on the waitlist than a sophomore English major, despite adding themselves to a waitlist later. 

    If you have questions about your department’s waitlist preferences, please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office.

  • How do I use the Advising Module in Self Service?

    The Self Service Advising module is where you can find detailed information about each of your advisees. It is also where you will clear your advisees to register for upcoming semesters. 

    Please review the Advising Module Guide for instructions on how to view information about your advisees and how to clear them for registration.

  • How do I clear my advisees to Register?

    Please read through the Clearing Advisees for Registration guide

  • Where can I find a list of majors and minors in my department?

    Detailed lists of active majors and minors can be found on the Faculty Admin SharePoint site.  The list is updated each morning, around 6 am.  Instructions on accessing them are below:

    1. Click on your department’s folder

    2. Click on the relevant folder (Majors, Minors, or Conc).

    3. Open the spreadsheet either online by clicking on the title of the document, or download the report (click on the three dots next to the title of the document and click ‘download.’  Downloading the report will allow you to manipulate the document, and is the suggested method for opening the documents on SharePoint. 

  • What are those acronyms in the Academic Standing column of my roster?

    The rosters and majors lists on SharePoint all include a column indicating a student’s current academic standing.  The column is called “Acad Standing.”  The student’s standing is as a result of the most recent term’s grades.  The acronyms are below:

    • DL - Dean’s List
    • AP - Academic Probation
    • CP - Continued Probation
    • WA - Warning
    • RE - Removed from probation (so the student is no longer on probation!)
    • RW - Removed from warning (so the student is no longer on warning!)

    As a reminder, only those students on AP or CP require midterm grades.

  • Quick Tip: Emailing Groups of Students

    If you would like to email a group of students you can copy and paste the emails directly from the SharePoint Excel document.  For example, if you would like to email all of the students in your class, or all of the senior majors in your department you can copy their emails directly from Excel into Outlook. 

    Once you have selected the group of students you would like to email, copy their emails by clicking the first name and then dragging your mouse down the column.  Click copy, and then paste them right into Outlook. You do not need to format the emails in Excel by adding commas or semicolons. 


    Copy from Excel:

     Paste the emails into Outlook.  Outlook will update the email to the student’s name, or it may leave it as __

  • Can I have a training session?

    Yes! Email