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Student Planning

Ready to get started with Student Planning?  This page contains the information you’ll need to get logged in and begin using our new registration and degree audit system. 

 All students should be using Student Planning to view their schedule, make registration changes, and to view their progress toward graduation.  WebAdvisor is no longer available for registration, so it’s especially important that you familiarize yourself with this system.

Please make sure to read through all of the tabs below!

  • How To Guides
    Complete Guide

    For help learning to use the new system, please download the Guide to Student Planning PDF. 

    This is a comprehensive guide to using all aspects of Student Planning, including registration, viewing your degree audit, and planning for future semesters.

    How to Register for Classes - Video Tutorial

    Click the above link to watch a brief tutorial on how to login, search for classes, and register for the upcoming semester.  You can also visit:

  • How to Login

    To Login, please click here, or visit:

    Your user ID and password are the same as your WC email and WebAdvisor.

    You can also access Student Planning through WebAdvisor.  Click on the “Take me to Student Planning” link from the Student’s Menu. 

  • Quick Tips
    Viewing Your Progress

    HIDE DETAILS:  The View your progress page allows you to see the progress you have made toward completing your degree.  For easier viewing, select “Hide Details” anywhere you see those words throughout the page.  This will make viewing your outstanding requirements much easier.  

    REQUIREMENTS WON’T BE COMPLETE UNTIL FINAL GRADES ARE POSTED: Even though you may be enrolled in a course that will finish up a requirement, it will not appear green and say that it’s been completed until your final grades are posted.  For example, if you have taken and passed two Natural Sciences courses and are currently taking in a Quantitative course, your Natural Science & Quantitative requirement will remain in red until your final grade in the Quant course has been posted.  Once you have received a passing grade in the course, the requirement will change to green. 

    MAJORS/MINORS: Although major and minor audits are available, they are provided as a complement to the advice of your faculty advisor.


    CHOOSE A TERM: If you plan to search for courses for the upcoming semester using the ‘Subject Search’ make sure to narrow down your search by term on the next screen.  If you don’t narrow it down to Spring 2019 you will see every course a department offers (not just in the upcoming semester)

    PREREQUISITES: When searching through courses, most prerequisites are listed in the ‘Requisite’ field.  There are some courses where the prerequisites or restrictions on the course can not be listed in that field.  Please make sure to take note of any ALL CAPS comments in the course description, as there may be additional restrictions on a course. 

    PASS/FAIL: Please do not elect to take a course P/F through Student Planning.  Students may only elect to take a course P/F using the form in the Registrar’s Office.  We will automatically convert courses back to graded should you select P/F through Student Planning.

    Search for Courses by Course Type

    If you would like to narrow your course search down to search for courses that may meet specific major requirements, courses that count toward minors or concentrations, try using the Course Type filter!   Looking for courses that count toward the International Studies major?  Choose the International Studies course type.  Looking for courses that might fulfill the Pre-1800 Literature requirement within the English major?  Choose “Pre-1800 Literature” course type. 

    This option is located on the left of your screen if you choose to search by subject. 

    If you search using the Advanced Search option, selecting a course type is the last option before clicking “Search.” 

    Planning for Future Semesters

    It is important to note that adding courses to your plan does not mean that the course will be offered. 

    If the course is offered in the semester you have planned to take it, having the course on your plan does not guarantee you a seat in the course. Students will still need to register for courses each semester. 

  • Will I still have to use WebAdvisor?

    Yes, for some things…

    All Registration and Academic Profile information will be in Student Planning only, but this system is a work in Progress! 

    There will be links on the Student’s Menu of WebAdvisor that you will still need to use.  Miscellaneous Options, such as “Shuttle Reservations,” “Buy my Books,” and FERPA release forms will still be in WebAdvisor, as well as  links maintained by other offices on campus.

    For information on how to use WebAdvisor, please click here.