Casey Academic Center at Washington College.

    Academy of Life Long Learning

    The Washington College Academy of Lifelong Learning ( WC-ALL)  celebrates 30 years of offering intellectually stimulating courses and educational programs. Expand your academic horizons and join our community of lifelong learners. We welcome all age groups to enjoy our classes -  For the Joy of Learning!


    Online Registration is a tw0-part process.

    To begin, use the embedded registration form immediately below these instructions to select your courses.  You can scroll through the form either by using the bar at the right edge of the form or by using your device's up and down navigation features while you are in the form if you don't see the bar.   After completing the registration form, you will receive and "THANK  YOU" note with a link to the payment page if you selected a membership type requiring payment.  If you selected a membership type that doesn't require payment, you do not need to complete the payment step. Couples must complete submit 2 separate course registration forms.



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    If the membership type you selected requires payment, make your credit card payment here: